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Contemporary Paintings

Libby's gallery holds shows of these selected group of contemporary painters.
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Terms & abbreviations:
SCA - Society of Canadian Artists
OSA - Ontario Society of Artists
CSPWC - Canadian Society of Painters in Water
Artists are listed alphabetically

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"The Opera House" by John Hood



In 1944 he won a scholarship to study at the Camberwell School of Fine Art in London England. Atkinson began a career in the film industry and studied stage design. He came to Canada in 1953 and began making his own live action films which won many North American awards.  He paints in the style of high realism but takes his subjects one step further and imbues them with a nostalgic magical quality which is beyond the sphere of reality.


Born in Ontario.  Attended Ontario College of Art and Design.  Received the Al Goulais Award on two occasions the Norman and Margaret Jewison Award and an honourable mention for the Louis Odette prize for bronze.  She was one of nine graduating students selected from across Canada to participate in the Canadian Colleges Collaborative Residency program at the Banff Centre for the Arts in the summer of 2005.   
Bain   Bain



Bain  1  


Studied architecture at Ryerson Polytechnical Institution and Ontario College of Art. He was commissioned by the VIA Rail Canada Inc. in 1991 to paint a diptych for LR.C coach car. George paints the landscape throughout Ontario and has been show at Libbys since 1994.
Awards: 2nd prize for a Landscape painting at the National Fine Art Competition in 1992.
Juror's Choice Award, Marine Museum, Toronto Historical Board, 1991.
Best in Show Award, Colborne Lodge, Toronto Historical Board, 1990.
First Juror's Choice, Marine Museum, Toronto Historical Board, 1990. Best Painting Award of Merit, Ontario Society of Artists, 1984. Toronto Archives Award, City of Toronto, 1983. Best in Show Award, Beth Tikvah Synagogue, 1982

"Tanker"  oil on canvas 36 x 48"            oil on board 10 x 12"

The Coffee Shop  Boyer

"Coffee Shop" acrylic on canvas        "Royal Theatre" 10x8"
30 X 40 ins



"Rowboat" o/b 10x12"

"Carlaw Underpass"
oil on board 16 x 20 ins

"Leader Lane"  36 x 48"



RoseMarie Condon has created numerous award winning designs and illustrations and much of her commercial work is currently focused on the creation of children's pastimes, games and books. In 2003 Condon was commissioned to create five animated Christmas windows for the Hudson's Bay Company flagship store.


"On the Rocks" 
oil on canvas 36 x 36 ins



Ellen graduated from high school with The Fine Arts Award in 1980 and continued her studies at the University of Guelph. Ellen starts painting with free hand sketches in oil paint directly on canvas and builds up the image with thin layers of paint. She strives to retain the fresh nature and energy of her initial brushstrokes throughout the process.  She depicts nature's phenomenons as well as lively activities of water sports and cottage life.


"Transit Traffic"  8x10 ins

 "Regata Lineup" 24x36"


Studied at Central Technical School and the Ontario College of Art. Mel is an impressionistic painter of landscapes, still lifes and portraits. 

Edwards Gardens, Water Wheel


After graduation from the University of Toronto with a BA in philosophy, Francis began studying painting in the atelier of Michael John Angel. Studying in Florence Italy Francis became fascinated by the art of the Italian Renaissance, Macchiaioli painting, and the neo-Renaissance movement begun by Mr. Angels Teacher, Pietro Annigoni. Faithful to the 19th century atelier tradition in which he was trained, Francis is a dedicated craftsman with classical sensibilities. He has painted over fifty commissioned portraits and has also painted many murals and stained glass windows for churches and cemeteries in and around Toronto.  During the Year of the Family his oil-tempera painting of the "Holy Family" was exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum.  Aside from commissions Francis is continuing his pursuit of plein air landscapes, figurative paintings inspired by his life long fascination with the wilderness of the Canadian Shield.


Dvorak Sugar Bush
"Sugar Bush"
oil on board 12x16 ins

"Boats, Bluffers Park
oil on board 12x16 ins


Studied Architectural Technology at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. He painted with his father Joachim Gauthier, A.J. Casson, Alan Collier and Anthony Law. In 1987 he was commissioned by the North Channel Preservation Society to produce a limited edition serigraph of one of A.J. Casson's paintings of Baie Fine, assisted by Casson. Also that year he received a grant from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society along with logistical support from the Polar Continental Project to travel and photograph the high Arctic Islands for reference material. In 1989 he was a technical advisor for the film "And There Were Seven" (the life of A.J. Casson and the Group of Seven). In 1994 Gauthier went on the Canadian Coast Guard voyage in Arctic waters (Labrador, Frobisher Bay, Greenland, Lancaster Sound and Strathcona Sound) on the C.C.G.S. Henry Larsen class 4 ice breaker. Was Travel Dynamics New York's Artist in residence to Greenland.  Awards: Town of Markham Achievement and Civic Recognition Award for Art & Cultural contribution to the community in 1991.   Paul's first exhibition at Libby's was in 1981.


1. "Algonqin Morning"
oil on canvas 30 x 40 ins

Gauthier P
2. "Winter Morning Light"
watercolour  14 x 18 ins


Graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in the 1980's where he studied painting, drawing and sculpture.  He works mainly in acrylic and oil paint on canvas.  His subject mater varies from portraits of people and figurative works to psychedelic abstract along with some landscapes and cityscapes.  Superheroes are the subjects of his new body of work like Batman & Robin, Superman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman as well as other popular heroes such as Wolverine, Green Lantern and Captain America.
Hadzis   Hadzis
"Tina's Flowers"               Nikki" oil on canvas
oil on canvas, 36x30 ins


"Freddie Mercury" 40 x 30"   "Somewhere" 40 x 30"





"Wonder Woman"
acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 ins

acrylic on canvas 40x30 ins


Haines's love of painting began at the age of seven when his parents gave him a Reeves oil painting set. He painted little cards and sold them all for a quarter. As a teenager he painted with a group of mature painters in the west end of Toronto, one of whom in particular became a mentor, remembered by Haines as somewhat of a renaissance man who taught him to fence, shoot and fish. An ambitious and confident young man, Haines organized an exhibition for this painting group at his high school. In 1954 he graduated from the Ontario College of Art where he obtained his degree in Drawing and Painting, winning three scholarships in the process. However, he always considered himself an artist who worked at other things. His diverse career included producing storyboards for films, interior & graphic design, and in 1968 he returned to OCA as a 3-dimensional design instructor. His presentation and design talents have taken him across Canada working for many elite organizations. His sole aim in creating art is to produce works that are technically good and aesthetically beautiful.

"Fall Grove" acrylic on canvas 24 x 30"

Haines G
 "Clam Flats"  oil on canvas  22 x 28 ins

 "Dwarf Galaxy" oil on canvas 


Graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has traveled extensively in the United States and Canada,spending much of her time in Algoma. Maria works in various mediums including watercolour, oil, fibre and is an accomplished weaver.

John Hood

John, with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal became interested in mural painting.  He began submitting to mural competitiions, winning his first commission in the summer of 1987.  He specialized in large scale exterior murals with historical themes for the next 20 years.  He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal in 2012 for service to the mural arts community in Ontario throughout the 80's and 90's.  John worked for several commerical mural studios for a number of years and as a scenic painter for television productions.  Recently, John has begun developing a new body of work in oils, working with regionalist motifs in a comtemporary painterly style.



"Four Figures at Crossway No 1" o/c 12 x 16 ins


Attended the Ontario College of Art and lives in Toronto. In 1980 she was elected a member of The Ontario Society of Artists and in 1995 became a member of The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. She received awards of excellence from the CSPWC in 1995, 1999 and 2002. One of her paintings was by chosen by the C.S.P.W.C. in 2000, the year of their 75th anniversary, to be included in a presentation of works to the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle. In May 2003 one of her paintings was chosen for the primary image on posters and publicity for the historical exhibition, "Toronto, Place of Meeting" at the TD Gallery at the Toronto Reference Library.  Fully illustrated booklet is now available at the Libby gallery.




1. "Queen Street East near the Clock Tower"

2. "Pink Sky, College & Spadina"
watercolour, 7 x 9 ins


At the age of eleven she made her first visit to an art gallery, The McMichael Collection in Kleinburg.  The uniquely Canadian landscapes opened her eyes to possibilities and inspired her to begin sketching.  It was her father who first helped her with drawing.  Jan studied fine art for a year then worked to develop an individual style of painting and she attributes her love of Canada to her ancestors.  "I fell in love with our land and developed a true sense of being Canadian. In the 1980's Jan Lyons was an artist at Trillium Press, a division of Libby's, where limited edition prints were published.  Some of Jan's prints are still available.  See Libby's Prints on this site.

"Beckoning" acrylic on canvas 36 x 48"




1. "White Pines of Algonquin"
oil on canvas, 48 x 36 ins


Fifty years of professional canoe guiding in Ontario's wilderness and the dedication to protecting our ecosystem has given Miller a great advantage in painting his oils and watercolours. He travels the country but spends much of his time at Lake Superior, Georgian Bay and Algonquin Park. Jeff offers workshops to both adults and children where he introduces his "Look See Paint" video and paint kit. His "Look See Paint" kit is available for sale at Libby's gallery.
Rocky Shore
Hepburns Island-Algonquin       Rocky Shore ab 16x20 ins
Park, Cache Lake, acb
14x18 ins        SOLD


1. "Hurley's Canoe Shop"
acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 ins

2. "Centre Island"
oil on canvas, 30 x 36 ins


Studied at the School for Artistic Crafts & Design, Warsaw, Poland and holds an honors degree from the Ontario College of Art, Drawing & Painting. He paints Algoma, Ontario and teaches at Atlin Art Centre, Atlan, British Columbia where he also paints the rugged landscape.
Awards: Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Scholarship David L. Stevenson Scholarship for Proficiency in Drawing & Painting Friends of O.C.A. Year Three for Proficiency in Fine Art
Dominik's first exhibition at Libby's was in 1996.



"From Laurentian Mountains" 
arylic on canvas  36 x 36"


Studied at University of Toronto and Ballynakill Studios in Ireland. Rita-Anne's work has been included in several publications including the cover of The New Anthology of Canadian Literature, "L'Art au Femin/The Feminine Viewpoint: Works by Contemporary Women Artists and Amnesty International (Canadian Section) Christmas Cards. Her paintings speak of a private refuge which affords calm and shelter. They are silent spaces, inviting meditation.


   "Wood & Water, High Park" oil on board

"Red Flame"


Studied at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. She has taught watercolour painting at Mount Allison University, the University of Prince Edward Island, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia. Alice is a member and the Atlantic Director of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour. She works exclusively in watercolours and has shown at Libby's gallery since 1984.  Awards: Livinia Estabrooks Fine Arts Scholarship in 1977 Mount Allison University Renewable Scholarship, 1976-1980 Graphic Arts International Union Scholarship, 1976-1980 Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Art Grants, 1981, 1986 Nova Scotia Department of Culture Grant, 1992.


Studied at the Ontario College of Art under Arthur Lismer prior to teaching school. She was active in the OSA, CSPWC and the CSPE. She is influenced by the Group of Seven and her admiration of Paul Cezanne when she paints her still life subjects. Her first solo show at Libby's gallery was May 2001.    
 "Peaches on White Cloth"

"Pink Lilies"

 "Lemonaide"  a/c 36 x 48ins

 "Nastersiums & Geraniums" a/c 36 x 48"


"In from the Garden" 

"Late Autumn, Lutrell Ave"
10 x 16"

"Walking Cherry Beach"
20 x 24"



Born in Montreal, Christain Thibault began his studies early on with Arthur Lismer at l’Ecole du Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal, where he gained an appreciation for the vast Landscapes of Canada. He was awarded his diploma in Visual Arts from Jean de Brebeuf College. Since that time he has exhibited in Montreal, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, St. Hilaire and Toronto.


"La Brunante"  oil on canvas 24 x 30"


"Migration"  24 x 30"


Born in Zurich and came to Canada in 1967 to study English Literature and Journalism at Carleton Univerity.  He designed for the Tricycle Theatre Co in London England and then came back to the Ontario College of Art, also studying art in Mexico and London's St Martin's School of Art.  He was president of the CSPWC, elected to the RCA and taught art at OCA as well as artist in residence at The McMichael collection. He also was involved with animation productions in Toronto, Europe and USA. 



"Shomberg Falls"


Rayne attended the Banff Schoo of Fine Art Studying under Tony Urquhart who gave her a scholarship recommendation then she was acdepted with a bursary and "Advanced Standing" from Franklin Archuckle into OCA where she studied with David Chavel, Ross Mendes, Graham Coughtry and Gus Wiseman.  Later she her studies included "Three Schools of Art" with instructors Robert Markle, Dennis Burton, Gordon Rayner, Nobuo Kubota and Graham Coughtry.  She is an established teacher of fine arts including a professor in the Vixual Arts and the Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College also holding workshops in Sir Sanford Fleming College, Okanagan Summer School of the Arts, Rainbow Art Workshops, Madawaska Fall Workshops and Max the Mutt Animation School.  Rayne was elected into the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC) in 1993, currently president; the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA).




"Carved in Layers" watercolour 22 x 30 ins

"Ocean Apparitions" watercolour 15 x 22 ins


Wendy is a traditional landscape artist painting in oils, also specializing in portraiture and Limited Edition bronze sculpture. Wendy's equine paintings have been featured on the cover of Trot Magazine and the Harness Tracks of American Art Show and Auction in Kentucky. She has been represented by Libby's gallery for many years.

"Gentoo Penguins"  clay
West     West



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