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Appraisal Services

                                                        John A. Libby
                              Canadian Professional Appraisers

                        Libby's Appraisal Division
We prepare written appraisal documents for
                                               Family Estate and Division
                                   Corporate Inventory and Collection Management

463 King Street East,
Toronto, Ontario M5A 1L6
Telephone (416) 364-3730

Protect your Fine Art Collection,
Antiques, Collectibles, Jewellery Silver, Stamps, Coins and other Valuables. We provide expert appraisals for your valuables.

Libby's will catalogue your collection and provide you with a formal written appraisal documents.

Your appraisal should be reviewed every two
to three years depending on the fluctuation of the
art market and your recent acquisitions
  should be added.

For information about our appraisal service
please contact Libby's Gallery.